Almost every nearby village and town holds a weekly market where you can shop the Italian way. Restaurants offer regional cuisine, and bars greet you for coffee and cakes or the traditional aperitif with a full complement of little morsels.

Do you like swimming? Not in a paddling pool but in a 50-meter pool? You will find several good pools near Mombaruzzo.

Alessandria: You will discover the birthplace of Umberto Eco, about 30 km from Mombaruzzo, as an authentic town with a lot of tradition. Landmarks are the star-shaped Cittadella, and the famous hat factory with its Borsalino Hat Museum. Since 1857 the Borsalino has captivated the whole world from here.

Asti: The Province capital town is located 35 km from Mombaruzzo. An aperitif? Asti Spumante! The city of the national wine tasting competition Douja d'Or offers exciting tastings of the full range of Italian wines. Every year the traditional horse race Palio takes place in the centre of the old town. It dispenses high adrenaline annually since 1275.

Acqui Terme: The spa town is 15 minutes away by car or train. Hot sulphurous thermal springs bubble up since Roman times for the benefit of bathers. Even after more than 2000 years Wellness is very popular in this city. Very impressive is La Bollente, located in the middle of the city, a source from which sulphurous water flows out of the ground at a temperature of about 75 degrees Celsius.

In 90 minutes you can reach the Alps for hiking. In equal time you can get to the sea in Liguria for swimming.
In 90 minutes you can reach the cities of Milan, Genoa and Turin.

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